Not Alone Men's White T-Shirt

Not Alone Men's White T-Shirt

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Inspired by my favourite band and their meaningful lyrics, Not Alone takes imagery from the Wilder Mind album cover with a Lone Wolf touch. The words ‘you are not alone in this’ teamed with a bench and a friend (or in this case, a wolf) invite you into a conversation, giving you the chance to talk about mental health. 



  • Slim fit
  • 100% Combed Organic Cotton
  • Jersey 4oz/ 155g


Size Chart - Around Chest - 

S 37 1/2inches

M 39 1/2inches

L 42inches

XL 45inches


10% of every purchase goes directly to the mental health charity Mind, helping them carry on doing the amazing work they do. Just another way The Lone Wolf Pack are making a difference in the world.