Atlas Unisex Navy Tee

Atlas Unisex Navy Tee

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Originally inspired by my husband, Atlas takes its inspiration from the Greek god with the same name. My husband often describes his experience with my mental health as if he is carrying the world for me, trying to protect me from all of life’s dangers. I then become more inspired by the thought that I also feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders, struggling with the pressure of my own emotions. 


  • 100% Combed Organic Cotton
  • Jersey 4oz/ 145g 


Size Chart - Around Chest -

XS 37 1/2inches

S 39 1/2inches

M 42inches

L 44inches

XL 47inches

XXL 50 1/2inches

3XL 53 1/2inches

4XL 56 1/2inches

5XL 59 1/2inches


10% of every purchase goes directly to the mental health charity Mind, helping them carry on doing the amazing work they do. Just another way The Lone Wolf Pack are making a difference in the world.