Meet The Pack

Georgia Pack Leader (Alpha)
Georgia is the founder and inspiration behind The Lone Wolf Pack. She suffers from depression, anxiety & PTSD and has done for as long as she can remember. All Georgia wants to do is help people, and that, in turn, will help her. She designs all the products herself, drawing inspiration from her own mental health story and the stories she is told by her amazing customers.
Helen Side Kick (Beta)
Helen is Georgia's side kick in all things Lone Wolf. Helping every day in the shop and with the running of the business, Helen has fast become a key member of the pack and Georgia's biggest support! She also has an incredible creative eye, hand-making a lot of the products we sell.
Burton Wolf Hound 
Burton is Georgia's personal dog, best friend and constant companion. He can be found by her side in the shop on a Wednesday and Saturday (the rest of the week he's off being loved by the family at home), and he's frequently featured on the social media! Come along and say hello to him, he's super friendly and loves all the love and attention. 
Chris Photographer
Chris has done all of the landscape photography for TLWP. His images are stunning, deep and true pieces of art. They are for sale in the shop in A4 and A3 prints. They look absolutely incredible and it is such an honour to have them on display.  See more on his Instagram : @cgknox22