A few weeks ago I did first my editorial photoshoot, with the fantastic help of Amy Robinson. Working with Afnan and Andre was an amazing opportunity, but the thought of picking up a camera and shooting after a 3-year absence terrified me a little bit. 
Enter Amy, the light at the end of my anxiety filled tunnel. I knew with her by my side, reminding me of what already knew but was too nervous to admit, I would be able to nail this. She metaphorically held my hand and together we got some amazing shots. 
Starting in central Newcastle, we were looking for a broken, industrial backdrop for the shoot. After a bit of back and forth, we scouted the perfect location at the top of an old car park, the lower floors were still in use but the higher up you got, the more destruction there was in the building. With the top floor overlooking Newcastle and the next floor down having plenty of ‘mood lighting’ it was the perfect scene for what I wanted. 
Afnan and Andre did an amazing job modelling for us, they were so easy to work with and natural in front of the camera. Amy and I took it in turns to shoot them individually and then together. We shared ideas, angles and talked about what we could move to next. 
Amy has since written an amazing blog post about The Lone Wolf Pack and shared her own story of her mental health.
The whole experience was so much fun. Check out the results below.